Custom software development, software support at Link4Tech implies both a full range of works "from scratch" and the implementation of individual stages.

Our specialists will help you

  • create software taking into account the specifics of your business;
  • integrate applications;
  • switch to more relevant or popular software products;
  • solve problems related to performance, scalability, scalability, security and fault tolerance;
  • modify existing products to the modern level;
  • synchronize the work of various systems with each other;
  • develop software at prices that are optimally combined with high quality work;

A custom software development service consists of a number of stages:

Analysis of the initial requirements: software specification, request for proposal, non-functional and functional requirements, defined and described, after careful study, the initial data in accordance with world standards.

Solution architecture: high and low level technical solutions that fully meet all the requirements.

Prototyping: studying the possibility of using different solutions, demonstrating the model of their implementation, which makes it possible to choose the optimal scenario; the developed solutions can be used as a basis for further development.

Labor cost analysis: optimistic and pessimistic assessments, studying the risks associated with the implementation of the selected technical.

Development: writing code for the selected solution, creating unit tests, eliminating defects identified during testing.

Deployment: creation of installation packages, writing scripts and instructions that allow you to synchronize new technical solutions with test or production platforms.

Technical support: elimination of errors and defects that were discovered during the use of the solution, making changes to the finished system.

Audit: analysis of a technical solution for compliance with non-functional requirements, studying the sequence of approaches and finding ways to optimize them.

Documenting: writing technical / accompanying documentation and its adaptation.

Testing: checking the developed solution for compliance with the requirements, correcting shortcomings.

Implementation support: checking the developed solution by the customer for compliance with expectations, creating a list of necessary changes.

All of the above processes can always be optimized at the discretion of the client.