Integration of corporate applications allows you to organize well-coordinated work with corporate data at all levels, to avoid their loss and inconsistency.

The company's IT infrastructure includes a huge number of different kinds of business applications and software systems designed to support the work of the accounting department, HR department, sales, production management, warehouse, etc.

All these information systems, not being integrated with each other, require significant time spent on data transfer, aggregation and analysis of information for making complex decisions. Inconsistency also significantly complicates the control of the company's activities. However, implementing an integrated approach to application integration may not have enough financial or time resources.

This path contributes to the development of a lack of flexibility in the company's information infrastructure. Businesses need to quickly get up-to-date information, and the fragmented IT landscape is a serious obstacle to this. As a result, each subsequent change that needs to be made requires more and more resources and is more painful.

IT integration software service

  • identifying applications that are sources of key company data;
  • development of the most optimal model for data exchange between applications for a particular case;
  • automation of data exchange according to the principle of service-oriented architecture;
  • support for the performance of the implemented integration solution.

As a result of the implementation of the integration project, you will be able to:

  • provide the flexibility of the information system necessary for the business
  • reduce the cost of owning systems and making changes;
  • to provide employees with the convenience of communication in a single information space;
  • increase labor productivity.

Software integration performed by LINK4TECH specialists can also be accompanied by operational support, which will take into account the specifics of the company's activities.

The service package, formed taking into account all possible risks and requirements, will provide a significant reduction in the company's losses in the process of intracorporate changes, technical accidents, etc.