Description services

Link4Tech is an innovative software development company. Our company develops software for Banks and Payment Service Providers.

Software for BANK, EMI, PSP

Link4Tech has extensive experience in software development for banks, credit institutions, payment service providers and payment institutions.

For a company that wants to deal with money and earn money, reliable, stable and secure software is the most important thing.

Benefits of developing with Link4Tech

  • Lower development cost
  • No need to keep staff at the initial stage of development
  • Ability to use existing developments
  • Minimal revision
  • Certified software for the Bank
  • The above advantages undeniably allow our clients to make a choice in our favor.

Additional benefits

All our programmers have higher education and their knowledge is confirmed by numerous certificates from IBM, ORACLE, MICROSOFT.

You can select the modules that you need in your system and buy, for example, only the acquiring module.

Our software modules are already used in many banks.

Banking software modules

The system consists of modules, containers, some of which can work independently, therefore, choosing and buying a system, you can significantly save.

The banking modules we offer are listed below:

  • System core - includes chart of accounts and bank transfers in SEPA and SWIFT system
  • Apple and Google Pay deposit module
  • Module for integration with alternative payment methods - account replenishment and withdrawal of money to Payment systems.
  • Module KYC, KYB
  • Anti-Fraud Monitor Module
  • Fin module - financiers work with this module, the module reflects the balance of the system in all directions of receipt and withdrawal of money. It also reflects commissions for client transactions.
  • Module Cards - allows customers to order plastic cards VISA and MASTERCARD
  • Acquiring module
  • Module Processing
  • POS module
  • ATM module

As far as you can see, we offer the widest range of Banking software modules on the market.

Description of SDLS

We offer to implement an optimized software development lifecycle in your organization. Train your specialists, make the transition to new software easier and faster. Or we will teach you how to upgrade existing software safer and better.

An SDLC is a process consisting of a detailed plan detailing the development, maintenance, and replacement / modification of software. It is a methodology used to improve the quality of software as well as improve the overall development process.

Link4Tech uses its SDLC methodologies and processes in development, optimized to create high-quality software in the shortest possible time.

How does SDLC Link4Tech work?

Definition. The first step is to identify the current problem and obtain information from all interested parties such as customers, employees, programmers, etc.

Planning and analysis. We define the requirements for new software. We draw up the stages of the project creation and the approximate estimated cost for each stage. We are developing a document "Specification of software requirements".

Design. Link4Tech defines system elements, components, security level, modules, architecture, various interfaces and data types that the system operates on. We develop Software Design Specification.

Development and deployment. We create or implement software. We make programming and the necessary improvements, then we set up the server and install it.

Testing. We check for defects and shortcomings. We solve all nondelivery and errors until the product meets the current specifications.

Operation and integration. The client starts using the system developed by Link4Tech for a limited number of users. If the reviews are positive, then we scale the system to other users.

Support. This stage implies revision and improvement of the software, as well as updating the technical part.

Also, our partners will help you get PCI DSS certification.

And Link4Tech will help you connect VISA and MASTERCARD acquiring to your project.

API Integration and Development

Our company often interacts with clients who need help connecting additional payment instruments, as well as creating a new API to use additional functions of automated systems.

Our professional team of analysts and programmers will help you develop programs that will simplify the implementation of routine operations that arise during the operation of your systems through automation. This will not affect the operation of the main functionality of your systems, but at the same time will simplify their operation.

Examples of our integrations and our customer assistance

  • Acceptance of payments in the online store
  • Acceptance of VISA and MASTERCARD cards on the website
  • Accepting bank transfer on the website
  • Accept payments on the site
  • Payment for goods via Apple and Google Pay on the site
  • Skrill and Neteller integration
  • Sofort integration
  • QIWI integration

Investment fund solutions

The Link4Tech team has already created 4 projects for large investment funds in Europe. Our clients are included in the TOP 100 investment funds in Europe, which indicates our professionalism in this area.

Investment funds and everyone interested in this direction can receive from Link4Tech:

  • Website for an investment fund
  • Personal account of an investment fund client
  • Connection to acquiring VISA, MASTERCARD investment fund
  • Connection to aggregators and loyalty programs for an investment fund

We are ready to offer this and much more. Contact us and ask any questions.


Link4Tech, as part of its software development activities, has experience in integrating various systems, sites and services with VISA and MASTERCARD payment systems.

When implementing such a connection, our client's system or website will be able to accept money from its clients through these payment systems.

And clients, in turn, will receive an easy way to pay for goods or services from this service.

We have completed over 100 successful connections and acquiring integration in large projects.