OUTSOURCE Software Testing

High-quality software and the use of modern technologies are the key to stable operation of the company and are reflected in its financial performance. In this regard, companies are placing increasingly stringent requirements on software quality.

To reduce the risks of introducing a low-quality product, improve software performance and reduce software ownership costs, it is necessary to check how this product meets business requirements, whether it can work in modern conditions or not.


We provide services:

  • testing desktop, web and mobile applications;
  • testing of a full cycle or individual functional blocks;
  • testing "black box" and "white box";
  • testing the functionality of ERP systems
  • test automation;
  • building the testing process from scratch.

The service has a modular structure, from which you can select only the components necessary for your project. This concept helps to create a testing process that best meets the requirements of the project and allows you to use your current budget more efficiently.

Link4Tech has more than 10 specialists involved in software testing outsourcing projects. The company's specialists are highly qualified professionals who have undergone serious training in structured software testing.

We specialize in functional testing, the task of which is to establish the compliance of the developed software (software) with the original functional requirements of the customer. That is, functional testing allows you to test the ability of an information system under certain conditions to solve problems that users need.

Depending on the degree of access to the system code, we can perform two types of functional tests - "black box" and "white box". Black box testing is based only on the external manifestations of its work. This testing verifies the behavior of the software under various input data and the internal state of systems. When testing "white box" test cases are created, based mainly on the code of the software system.

The presence in the company of a wide range of competencies, both in development languages and software platforms, allows to improve the quality of testing and reduce its cost by reducing the time spent studying the software under test.